We have all heard the older generation say- it is easy to bring a child to this world but very difficult to raise a child as a good human being. It is a natural instinct for any parent to want to care for the child- financially, emotionally and physically. However, when the ugliness of separation or divorce takes over, parents can start neglecting their child. Depending upon the reason of their dispute and the level of discontentment, a spouse could try and alienate children from the other parent. This can make matters worse and create frustration for the other parent, who then might not want to take care of any moral, social or financial obligations of being a parent. It is crucial that both parents analyze the situation and find an effective solution. Regardless of their wishes, the court will take ensure that the kids are maintained by the parents.

The law imposes an obligation upon the parents to maintain their children, and each one has an equal obligation to do so. Until a child attains majority of age, he or she must be taken care of, by the parents. As far as a daughter is concerned, this age limit might extend until she gets married. The law remains the same for illegitimate minor children.

It is interesting to note that the traditions and customs also play a role in this aspect. If a daughter to estranged parents is getting married, she has the right to ask for expenses being incurred in her marriage from her father. Although, the amount will have to be approved by the court, based on the father`s income and financial status.

The laws govern individuals based on the religion they follow and the related act. For example, the Muslim Personal Law lays primary responsibility for a child`s maintenance on the father rather than the mother.


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