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Grounds for Divorce

Who would have thought of cruelty in context of men having to go through verbal abuse, defamation, mental and financial...


Filing Divorce with Mutual Consent

The court recognizes incompatibility between couples to be a solid reason for...


What is Joint-Custody of Children?

How many children are growing up in the absence of any one parent in their life simply ...


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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Lawyer to Represent Your Case

  • post on 10 Oct 2017

  • James Reed
  • Fighting a divorce case is an emotional, social and financial nightmare for most of the people. While there are many family members and friends who stand by you in your battle for justice and rel

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How does a Fathers Absence Impact the Child?

  • post on 22 Jul 2017

  • James Reed
  • One of the biggest challenges that divorce poses to couples with children is “parent alienation”. In India, the law has always favoured mother as the strongest biological, emotional a

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Are You Ready for an Emotional Divorce?

  • post on 14 Jul 2017

  • James Reed
  • Divorce is tough. We know that and you know that. Just because it is emotionally demanding, a lot of men tend to suffer from depression or anxiety that they are unwilling to

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Bail and Anticipatory Bail in the Context of Stridhan

  • post on 14 Jul 2017

  • James Reed
  • Stridhan is any movable or immovable article that belongs to a woman acquired before, during, or after marriage. Any gifts received by a woman are a part of her Stridhan. Section 14 of The Hindu

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